A much richer environment than you would have imagined.

We imagine Ethiopia and Djibouti as a vast expanse of deserts, or as places for safaris and other activities that we can enjoy in the Savannah.

This vision is very incomplete.

The Horn of Africa is full of contrasts, treasures of fauna and flora, places that one would imagine only in a dream …

An exceptional topography

Ethiopia and Djibouti are each immensely rich in contrasts. Each region has a different biome.

You will pass meadows to the volcanic mountain, deserts to salt lakes, plains where nothing grows to green plains and trees … You will be stunned by the wealth of the

topography of the Horn of Africa.

You will have the impression to travel a multitude of countries and you will have the chance to discover the wealth of landscapes sometimes shaped by the men who live there.

Indulge yourself, you will love

An abundant culture

Between religion and ancestral practices, and after many evolutions, the Ethiopian and Djiboutian cultures are just as rich as their landscapes.

Traditional peoples mingle with a youthful population eager for modernity with great respect,and share customs and symbols.