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Come to explore the athentic civilisation's cradle !

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Live an extraordinary experience during a trip on our forebears and civilisation origin track.

You want to discover real and rich places and refocus yourself around Human and Nature ?

Come aboard in a adventure you will remember all during your life !

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What is it ?

Africorne Travel is a trip agency, member of the APST, giving his Africa passion at his clients service.

At Africorne Travel, we focus on the authenticity of the discoveries. You will visit the important and majestic tourist places but also and especially, you will discover the local culture.

The tours or stays mentioned on our site are only illustrations of what we offer; indeed our trips are entirely tailor-made after exchanges with youWe are also available for one day trips.

With your experimented guide and aboard an ATV, you should experiment unique, not much accessible, or unknown places yet unmissables.

Take all the time to visit our blog to share with us our taste for this lands and discover all you can fin there !

Read our travellers' comments on the Africa Travel page in the PETIT FUTE guide!

An experimented guide to your disposal

JF Deniau's house behind the guide

Having worked in Djibouti for several years, Alain has immersed himself in the local culture, which he has fallen in love with. This experience was the opportunity not only to appreciate all the remarkable sites, but also to make many trips, always at the wheel of his 4X4, in neighbouring Ethiopia.

Let yourself be guided through these territories in the Horn of Africa, away from mass tourism, off the beaten track to discover surprising landscapes, different cultures and endearing people!

Choose the best tour for your needs !

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Our trip assortment come from our guide experience to let you discover the most authentic places. 

Each tour is evaluate dependant on your physical engagement desire in the adventure : the difficulty increase with the stars number.

We create two kinds of tours : wandering tours where you will make a circle from the departure point and radiating ones, where you will travel all day from your hosting point.

Each tour is create to make the organisation easy, but you need to know that it will be a pleasure to exchange with you to custom your adventure at your own wishes.