Discover Djibouti

A tiny piece of land of 23,000 km² with nearly a million inhabitants, torn apart by the tectonic movement of the plates, Djibouti is a concentrate of remarkable natural sites!

An authentic trip, off the beaten track

Winner 2018 of the prize awarded by the international organization "World Peace Without Borders", distinguished as "World Capital of Tourism and Culture of the Year 2018" by the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT), awarded by the international tourist guide Lonely Planet which ranks it as the 4th destination to visit in 2018, the Republic of Djibouti is a country recognized by international bodies of peace and tourism.

More simply, the wonder, authenticity and adventure that you will find there, especially in its typical accommodations that are the campsites, make Djibouti a unique destination, to be lived once in a lifetime, in the footsteps of Arthur Rimbaud, Henri de Monfreid and Joseph Kessel, writers and adventurers fascinated by this region.

Exceptional landscapes

These include:

  • the young volcano named Ardoukoba by Haroun Tazieff, was born there in 1978. 
  • the green-blue of Lake Assal at 157 metres below sea level (salinity of 348 g/l), surrounded by the whiteness of the salt pack, itself surrounded by the black of the volcanic stones, offers a striking contrast of colours
  • the "piece of moon that fell to earth" Lake Abbé, with its chimneys, its sunset and sunrise, transports you to another planet (even if, contrary to rumours, no scene from the film "Planet of the Apes" was shot there).
  • the primary forest of the Day at nearly 1800 m of altitude: freshness and greenery are guaranteed. 
  • Mangroves, sandy or pebble beaches, islands (Moucha, Maskali) will delight lovers of nautical activities. 
  • the deserts (Grand Barra, Gaggadé), the wadis are to be discovered.

Djibouti will also interest lovers of prehistory, who will discover over nearly 3 km, the rock engravings of the site still fortunately little known and little frequented Abourma.

A great diversity of meetings and sites

Djibouti is endowed with a rich flora and fauna on land and sea, including the famous whale shark. Hiking, swimming with flippers, mask and snorkel, canoeing and kayaking will allow you to approach them.

Djibouti, located at the crossroads of the African, Asian and European continents, is a territory of cultural intermingling. This is also reflected in its gastronomy, a true "culinary melting pot": Yemeni baked fish (mukbaza), sambuussa, skudahkharis (lamb stew), chicken fadira...

The bustling city centre of Djibouti, where shops and restaurants abound, contrasts with the rural, green serenity and invigorating freshness of the campsites in the Goda Mountains.

The trips organized by Africorne Travel, beyond visiting the sites of the country, will allow you to meet its people, its culture, and experience unknown emotions and sensations, at least that is the goal we have set ourselves.

camp at Le Goubet
Notre caravane de dromadaires au départ du lac Abbé vers le lac Assalé et le lac A
Underwater fauna and flora in Djibouti

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