The horn of Africa

A plentiful heritage


An environement more rich than you had dream up !

We think up Ethiopia and Djibouti as an immense desert stretch, as Safari or savanna activities suitable place. 

This eysight is very incomplete.

The Africa Horn is full of contrasts, of fauna and flora treasures , of landscapes we only dream.

A wonderful topography !

Ethiopia and Djibouti are both contrast rich. From each region, a unique biome.

You will go past from meadow to volcanic mountain, from desert to salt lake, from prairies where nothing grow to green and tree-filled prairies... 

You should be stunned from the topography richness of Africa Horn.

You will have the impression to travel a multitude of countries and you will have the chance to discover the wealth of landscapes sometimes shaped by the men who live there. 

Indulge yourself, you will love !

An abundant culture !

Between religion and ancestral practices, and after many evolutions, the Ethiopian and Djiboutian cultures are just as rich as their landscapes.

Traditional peoples mingle with a youthful population eager for modernity with great respect,and share customs and symbols.

You will discover women and men from a huge culture diversity, and with a lot of generosity with amazement.

grain vendors ethiopia -ok goba
Aksum market
coffee ceremony


Discover the hugeness, the diversity and the richness of Ethiopia 


Discover the authenticity and the landscapes beauty of Djibouti