A big thank you for their support, and their photos at : 

  • Ali Liaquat from the Maison des Randonneurs (DJIBOUTI)
  • Dabaleh Adad from the Bolli Soubla camp (DJIBOUTI)
  • Garad Garad, from the camp of Bolli Soubla ( DJIBOUTI)
  • Daoud Orbisso, from the Bolli Soubla camp (DJIBOUTI)
  • Fato from Ras Ali camp (DJIBOUTI)
  • Ken Gradall of Rushing Waters Adventures (DJIBOUTI)
  • Nick Crane of the Simien Lodge (ETHIOPIA)
  • Mesfin NEGUSSIE from Addis View Hotel ( ETHIOPIA)
  • Gheralta Lodge (ETHIOPIA)
  • Bertrand Lafrance from Refuge DECAN (DJIBOUTI)
  • Ayoub Amdie (ETHIOPIA)
  • Bernadette Smeesters (DJIBOUTI)
  • Josiane and Bernard Lips (1)



(1) Josiane and Bernard LIPS university professors, notably co-authors with Jean-Michel Roux of "Poissons de Djibouti", a book illustrated with photos of their dives, relating to the 500 species inhabiting Djibouti's territorial waters, from which some of the seabed photos from the Africorne site are extracted.

List of their pictures on Africorne : 

In the "gallery": Rif Lake- Chimneys of Lake Abbé- On the edge of Lake Abbé- Pink flamingos of Lake Abbé- Sun on the chimneys of Lake Abbé-Danse afars- Camels on Lake Assal-camping of Dittilou

On the " circuits »:

Djibouti course Beaches and Campsites Sunset over the Ras Bir lighthouse- Barracuda shoal on a blue background- Clown fish- Dittilou camping- Shady shopping alley of Djibouti town-

Djibouti course Sea, Mountain and Prehistory : Clown fish-Murene- Camels on Lake Assal- Houses near Abourma- Hamadou guide in Abourma- Sunset on the lighthouse of Ras Bir- Shopping lane Djibouti town-

Djibouti course Hikers :Camels on the salt package- Sunset on Ras lighthouse -Bir-Flamingos lake Abbé- Fireplaces lake Abbé- Sun on the fireplaces lake Abbé- Fireplaces lake Abbé- Clown fish-Banks of Barracudas on blue background- Murene- Clown piosson on green coral- Houses Djibouti- Shady alley shopkeeper

Djibouti course Landscapes and sensations : Murene-Dittilou Camp - Flamingoes of the Abbé Lake - Chimneys of the Abbé Lake- Clown fish - Shady shopping street of Djibouti-

Ethiopia course Mountains and Lakes : young fisherman on Rift Lake