Discover your guide

A guide at your service in Ethiopia and Djibouti!

Love as motivation

I anticipated my retirement and left a secure and well paid job to live a passion by creating Africorne Travel in order to travel in a region that I love and make it discover to those who, like me, appreciate to go off the beaten track, to discover surprising landscapes, different cultures and endearing people.

I lived in Djibouti for professional reasons from 2007 to 2011. This stay was an opportunity not only to appreciate all the remarkable sites, but also to make many trips, always at the wheel of my 4X4, to neighboring Ethiopia.

Every year since 2011, I have spent several weeks in Djibouti for short professional missions and holidays.

Both in Djibouti and Ethiopia, I have maintained strong friendly relations with the local tour guides who will competently support me.

My goal will be achieved if I manage to communicate to you a little (a lot) of my passion for this region and to make you live a stay "of wonder".

Pleasure as a driving force

In order to discover this region in the best possible way, there is nothing better than being able to count on an experienced guide.

Alain knows perfectly the region and the local life of Djibouti and Ethiopia: he will know how to take you to the most atypical and authentic places in complete safety.

He will be at your disposal to make this stay an unforgettable moment aboard his 4×4!

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