Culture and Adventure Trail

From 1 944$ per person, for 4 persons

Level: Discovery


This stay in the north of Ethiopia makes you discover the multiple facets of the country: the modernity of its bubbling capital, the sweetness of life at Lake Tana, part of its history through the obelisks of Aksoum and the churches of Tigray and Lalibela, the grandiose landscapes and animals of the Simien mountains. You will also experience the moving adventure of an expedition to the Dallol of the Danakil Desert, discovering incredible landscapes.

  Mountains & Lakes
  Itinerant stay

This trip assumes that travellers take an international flight to Addis Ababa and back. At the end of the stay, the domestic flight Lalibela - Addis Ababa is included in the agency's package at the price of $69, which will be confirmed or modified at the time of your reservation.


DAY 1 :

Arrival in Addis Ababa - transfer to hotel

Shopping and activities according to arrival time in Addis

Evening meal in Addis at Jewel of India

Night: Abegaz Hotel Addis Ababa



Morning: Stroll on the heights of Entoto

Visit of the Entoto Mariam Church

Lunch at the Taitu Hotel, the oldest hotel in the capital.

Afternoon: Shopping then visit of the national museum (Lucy's bones)

Museum of the Martyrs of the Red Terror

Evening meal at Habesha 2000 with Ethiopian dance show

Night: Abegaz Hotel in Addis Ababa



Morning: departure in 4×4 to Debré Markos (300 Km - 6 hours)

On the way: visit of the monastery of Debre-Lebanos (100 km)

Stop at the Blue Nile Gorge (200 km)

Evening meal in Debré Markos at the Gozamen Hotel

Night: Gozamen Hotel



Morning: Departure in 4×4 to Bahir Dar (250 km - 5 hours)

Lunch on the way

Afternoon: walk in Bahir Dar and around the lake

Evening meal at Misrak Special Food

Night: in Bahir Dar at the RahNile Hotel.



Morning: Boat trip on Lake Tana to visit 4 monasteries and the mouth of the Blue Nile.

Monasteries of Ura Kidame Meret, Azuwa Maryam, Kebran Gabriel and Debre Maryam

Lunch: restaurant at Castel Kuriftu Wine House

Afternoon: Visit the Blue Nile Falls

Evening meal at the Desset Resort

Night: RahNile Hotel in Bahir Dar



Morning: Departure to Gorgora (170 km - 3 hours)

visit the village of Awra Amba on the way

Lunch in Gorgora at the "Tim and Kim Village" lodge on the shores of Lake Tana.

Afternoon : ornithological excursion - Canoeing on the lake

Evening meal in Gorgora at the lodge

Night:  Tim and Kim Village Lodge



Morning: Departure to Debark (160 km - 3 hours)

Visit of the palaces and churches of the Royal Enclosure in Gondar

Lunch in Gondar at Four Sisters Restaurant

Afternoon end of the journey to Debark

Evening meal in Debark at the Sona Hotel

Night at the Sona Hotel


DAY 8 

Morning: Excursion to the Simien Mountains

Visit of the village of Argin: trek, ingera cooking and coffee ceremony

Lunch at Simien Lodge (the highest in Africa)

Afternoon : excursion to mountain villages and Jinbar Falls

Evening meal at the Sona Hotel in Debark

Night: at the Sona Hotel



Morning: Departure to Aksoum (250 km - 5h30)

lunch on the way

Afternoon : Visit of the old quarter in Aksoum

Late afternoon: relaxation at the RemhaiHotel swimming pool

Aperitif while admiring the sunset on the terrace of the Yeha Hotel

Evening meal at Antika Cultural Restaurant with traditional dance shows

Night at the RemhaiHotel in Aksoum


DAY 10 

Morning : Departure for Hawzen (130 km - 3h15)

Visit of the North Stele Field in Aksoum

Basket Market

Lunch in Aksoum at the Empire Restaurant & Bar

Afternoon: journey in 4×4

Evening meal in Hawzen at Gheralta Lodge

Night at Gheralta Lodge


DAY 11 

Morning: Visit 3 churches in Tigray - access to some of them requires good physical condition and not to be prone to vertigo

OR visit to the village of Cheila for a meeting with the local population

Lunch in Hawzen

AAfternoon: Departure for Mekélé (103 km - 2 hours)

Evening meal in Mekélé at Karibu Restaurant

Night : Yordanos Hotel de Mekélé


Days 12 and 13: Expedition to the Dallol of the Danakil Desert 

Departure - the morning of day 12

Return trip in 4×4

Discovering the indescribable colours and landscapes of the Dallol volcano

Night of the 12th bivouac in Hamed Ela

Return to Mekélé at the end of day 13

Evening meal at the Black Rose

Night of the 13th at the Yordanos Hotel in Mekélé


DAY 14 

Morning: Departure to Lalibela (317 km - 7 hours)

On the way, lunch

Evening meal in Lalibela at the Seven Olives Hotel

Night in Lalibela, at the Lal Hotel equipped with a swimming pool and a spa/sauna


DAY 15: Visit to the Monolithic Churches of Lalibela

Lunch at the Ben Abeba restaurant and its superb view

Evening meal at Unique Restaurant

Night : at the Lal Hotel de Lalibela


DAY 16 : Transfer to Lalibela airport for the domestic flight to Addis Ababa.

Depending on the departure time of your return flight, one night's hotel accommodation will be booked in Addis Ababa at the Abegaz Hotel (in this case, the price of one night's hotel accommodation will be added to this package).


Note: unpredictable events can lead us to modify the program (ex: flooded wadi on the way).