Great African Rift Lakes and Omo Valley

From 1828 $ or 1499 € (course June 2021) $ per person, for 4 people

Level: Discovery


After the capital Addis Abeba, this dense and balanced trip, makes you discover some of the contrasting worlds of Ethiopia:

  • The lakes of the Great African Rift: Ziway, Langano, Awasa; you will meet the fishermen who populate their banks and will appreciate the comfort of the lodges where you will stop;
  • The tribes of the OMO valley: Hamer, Mursi in particular; you will go to their markets, real places of life and meetings; you will visit their villages, and will know their rites and traditions for example by attending an astonishing ceremony of bull jumping, and a spectacle of traditional dances;
  • You will approach the most imposing crocodiles of Africa in their natural environment at Lake Chamo

You will fully enjoy your stay thanks to the 4×4 vehicle transportation from Addis to the Omo Valley, the high quality accommodation provided along the way, and the return trip to Addis by a domestic flight from Arba-Minch

Central - South West
  Itinerant stay

This trip assumes that travelers take an international flight to Addis Ababa and back. At the end of the trip, the domestic flight Arba-Minch/Addis Ababa is included in the Africorne Travel package.


Day 1  Arrival in Addis

Organisation de votre transfert depuis l’aéroport jusqu’à Abegaz Hotel

Le programme précis de la journée est établi en fonction de l’heure d’arrivée à Addis

Evening meal in Addis at Jewel of India

Night in Addis Abegaz


Day 2

Visit to Addis Ababa

Morning : nous allons sur les hauteurs d’Entoto superbe point de vue sur la capitale éthiopienne. Nous y visiterons  le musée et le palais impérial – Sur le parcours nous nous arrêtons à l’Eglise Entoto  Mariam (sauf dimanche)– Nous ne manquerons pas de nous arrêter au superbe complexe sportif de l’ex-marathonien Hailé Gebre Sélassié où les athlètes éthiopiens et venant d’autres pays peuvent parfaire leur condition physique.

Repas de midi au Taitu Hotel- l’un des plus anciens établissements de la ville.

Afternooni : visite musée national (Ossements de Lucy) et musée des martyrs de la Terreur Rouge – Nous flânerons au marché de vêtements traditionnels de Shiro Meda, couleurs et qualité garantis !

Repas du soir à Habesha 2000 avec spectacle danse éthiopienne. Nous y dégusterons une excellente cuisine éthiopienne et apprécierons chants et danses traditionnelles.

Night in Addis at Abegaz Hotel


Day 3

Departure to Lake Ziway- 190 kms - 3h 30 - via Butajira, Enseno

Morning Adadi Maryam monolithic church : journey and visit

Lunch in Ziway at Castel Kuriftu

Afternoon : nous partirons en bateau sur le lac Ziway où nous apprécierons particulièrement les nombreux oiseaux attirés par le retour des pêcheurs: marabouts, flamants roses, pélicans…

Evening meal and nightt in Bethlehem Hotel in Lake Ziway


Day 4

Departure for Lake Langano - 40 kms

Morning Visit Shala and Abiata lakes after the drive and transfer to the hotel

Lunch at Simbo Beach Resort in Langano

Afternoon Swimming on the Langano lake (one of the only lakes in the country where you can swim)

Evening meal and night at Simbo Beach Resort in Langano


Day 5

Departure for Lake Awasa - 60kms

Morning Lake Awasa excursion - market

Lunch at Luwa Bar in Awasa

Afternoon excursion to Mount Tabor

Evening meal and night in Awasa at Lewi Hotel Piazza


 Day 6

From Awasa to Arba Minch - 275 kms 4h30

Morning journey in 4×4

Lunch at Arba Minch

Afternoon Visit of the Dorze tribes and the "elephant head" houses of Hayzo

Evening meal and night at Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch


Day 7

Arba Minch - Konso - Turmi

MorningVisit of villages where the inhabitants erect carved wooden steles representing the main activities of the deceased during their life.

Lunch at Karat Konso -

AfternoonEnd of the journey - visit to the Weito market (Saturday and sometimes Tuesday)

Evening: traditional dance show (Evangadi)

Night at Buska Lodge in Turmi


Day 8

Turmi -Omorate - Turmi

MorningDeparture for Omorate (80 kms), close to the border with Kenya, where we cross the OMO river in a dugout canoe to meet the Dassanetch, a sedentary ethnic group.

Return to Turmi for lunch

Afternoon Performance of the bull jumping ceremony in a Hamer village, a rite of passage to adulthood for boys

Evening meal and night at Buska Lodge in Turmi


Day 9

From Turmi to Jinka via Dimeka and Key Afar (190 kms - 5 hrs)

MorningBefore setting off, visit a Hamer village, a semi-nomadic pastoralist people.

Then visit the largest market of the Hamer tribe

Lunch in Turmi

Afternoon On the way, visit of Dimeka market (Tuesday and Saturday) or Key Afar with a local guide (Thursday)

Evening meal and night at Jinka Resort in Jinka


Day 10

Jinka - Mursi Tribe at Mago National Park - Konso (170 kms- 4 hrs)

Morning Entrance to the Mago Park - Visit of the Mursi village where the high ranking women decorate their lower lip with a terracotta labret whose size increases with age (women with trays)

Lunch in Jinka

Afternoon Return trip to Konso and visit of the Weyto market (Saturday)

Evening meal and night at Kanta Lodge in Konso


Day 11

Konso / Arba Minch (80 kms)

Morning Before setting off, visit the Konso museum, the fortified villages of the Konsos and the "New York towers" near Gesergio

Lunch at Kanta Lodge in Konso or at Arba Minch

Afternoon After transfer to Paradise Lodge, entry to Nechisar National Park for a boat trip on Lake Chamo to see Africa's largest crocodiles and hippos.

Evening meal and night at the Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch


Day 12

Transfer to Arba Minch airport for domestic flight to Addis to connect with international flight home