Photo safari trip to Djibouti

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Level: Discovery


The Republic of Djibouti is a particularly interesting travel destination for nature lovers given the diversity of its fauna and flora.

Its geography and its preserved spaces make it a region where live endemic species whose observation is sought after by animal specialists.

This is why we have designed this stay entirely devoted to the discovery of terrestrial animal species that can only be found in the Horn of Africa, or even on the territory of Djibouti alone. The trip includes 2 parts, each corresponding to the geographical areas where the animals live. The first part of the stay takes place in the mountainous regions of the north of the country where the Djibouti leopard and francolin live. The second part of the trip is made in the south where we will be able to observe the beira antelope, the gazelle-giraffe, the Dik-dik, the gundi or pectinator of Speke, and the shrew-elephant of Somalia rediscovered in 2020 in this region.

For more information on the endemic animal species to be discovered, please refer to our article 6 ENDEMIC LAND ANIMALS OF DJIBOUTI

For a general overview of Djibouti's wildlife, see our article Discovering the animals of Djibouti


Djibouti nord et sud
  Itinerant stay
  7 days/6 nights

DAY 1: Arrival in Djibouti

Transfer from the airport to accommodation at Africorn Travel or to your hotel

Matin: programme en fonction de l’heure d’arrivée – Visite du marché de Ryad et du quartier d’Arhiba

Lunch at the restaurant on the port of Djibouti

Afternoon : visit of the place of June 27, 1977 (ex place Ménélik), place Mahmoud Harbi (ex place A. Rimbaud).

Evening meal at the restaurant Bait Al Mandi Djibouti

Night: Africorne Travel apartment or hotel in Djibouti


DAY 2 – Djibouti to Day via Lake Assal

Matin : Départ en véhicule 4×4 pour le campement du Day (monts Goda)

On the way we'll stop at the Dimbiya Canyon, nicknamed "the Grand Canyon"....

A few hundred meters further on, another stop at the stele of B. Borrel, a French magistrate whose charred body was found one morning in 1995 at the bottom of the cliff; "The Borrel Affair" poisoned relations between the Djiboutian and French states for a few years.

Then we will leave the road to take the «access ramp» to Lake Assal. Located 153 metres below sea level, Assal Lake is one of the saltiest lakes in the world (over 300 grams of salt per litre of water). This fact combined with the very high evaporation due to the intense heat that reigns there, explains that salt has been mined there for hundreds of years. No living organism can survive in the waters of Assal Lake. We will be able to bathe there, as we take the fresh water essential for the shower after the bath; plastic shoes are necessary to avoid injury on shar

Lunch: Goubet picnic. We will picnic on the beach in the shade of a hard site with a view of the island of the Devil, and near the shark pit in which Commander Cousteau descended an iron cage (anot

After lunch, we will walk on the lava field, between the lake Assal and the Goubet, where we will observe on a few meters the rift, which at this place is only a few centimeters wide.

The village of Le Day and its camp are located at an altitude of 1500 meters - Warm clothes are a must when the sun is down.

Arrival in the evening at the Day camp via the Randa track

Dinner and night at Day Camp


DAY 3 From DAY to Bankoualé

Morning: search for the leopard in the Day sector

Lunch at the Day camp

Afternoon: departure for the camp of Bankoualé (Mounts Goda)

The Bankoualé camp is located in lush greenery, on the hillside. It is a charming place, where a pleasant freshness reigns; it is renowned for its gardens bordering the wadi. A tiny village of a few houses is opposite the camp on the other side of the wadi.

Arrival in the evening at the Bankoualé camp

Dinner and night at the Bankoualé camp


DAY 4 From Bankoualé to Dittilou

Morning: in the footsteps of the leopard in the Bankoualé sector

Lunch in Bankoualé camp

Afternoon: visit of the gardens and the village of Ardo

At the end of the afternoon departure for the camp of Dittilou (Mounts Goda)

The Dittilou camp is a superb place with very good facilities.

Evening meal and night at Dittilou camp


DAY 5 From Dittilou to Djalelo

Morning: search for the Francolin in the Dittilou area

Lunch at Dittilou camp

Visit the village of Dougoum where we will buy local goat cheese.

Departure for the Djalelo camp – Very good facilities

Repas du soir et nuit au campement de Djalelo


DAY 6 Search for animals in the protected area of ​​Djalelo

Day: search for the beira antelope, the dik dik, the pectinator of Speke or goundi, the shrew-elephant of Somalia

Lunch, evening and night at the Djalelo camp


DAY 7 From Djalelo to Assamo

Morning: continuation of the search for beira, dik dik, goundi, and shrew-elephant in the Djalelo sector

Departure for Ali Sabieh and lunch at Ali Sabieh restaurant

Journey to the Assamo camp which is of the same type as that of Djalelo

Evening and Night Meals at Assamo Camp


DAY 8 From Assamo to Djibouti

Morning: search for beira, dik dik, goundi and elephant shrew in the protected area of ​​Assamo.

Lunch at Ali Sabieh's restaurant

Return trip to Djibouti

Evening meal at the restaurant in Djibouti for a Yemeni fish which is cut into two slices placed at the bottom of a circular oven….

Transfer to Djibouti airport at the end of the evening