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Travelling in Ethiopia: 11 sites to see

A trip to Ethiopia, a country twice the size of France, is a unique adventure that can take on many facets, as the country abounds in diverse landscapes! Here are, among many others, 11 sites or places to see, depending on the regions you will be staying in.


Djibouti or the geologists' paradise: 5 sites not to be missed

In 200 million years, Djibouti will undoubtedly be engulfed in a vast ocean. The continuous, albeit low-intensity, seismic tremors observed on its territory are caused by the very slow displacement (2 cm per year) of the African and Arabian plates, at the intersection of which the Republic of Djibouti is located.
But until then, we have time to enjoy the geological wonders of the country.


the 3 essentials for a trip to Ethiopia

When talking about a tourist holiday, the word "must-see" is generally reserved to evoke the characteristic sites of the country visited.
In this article, the inescapable term is used to describe 3 features of Ethiopian culture that the traveller clearly feels when in contact with the Ethiopian population.