Travel agency in Djibouti: 4 good reasons to choose Africorne Travel

Africorne Travel is a travel agency in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and soon in Eritrea and Somaliland. Its headquarters are in France. It has a permanent facility in Djibouti and a strong partner in Ethiopia. Organizing a trip to Africa can be the realization of a dream: here are some ways not to be mistaken!

Africorne Travel, agence de voyages à Djibouti, dispose des atouts essentiels pour vous faire découvrir les richesses naturelles et culturelles des pays de la corne de l’Afrique, au meilleur prix et dans les conditions optimales de sécurité.

We present you the criteria that we consider important to check before finalizing your travel booking with your travel agency or tour operator. Below link to comments left by some travellers

1. Security and reliability for Africorne Travel, travel agency in Djibouti and Ethiopia

You like adventure but not misadventures... Africorne Travel is a French company registered in ATOUT FRANCE under the number IM 974 20 0002. ATOUT FRANCE is an operator of the French state which selects tourism professionals who meet not only the conditions of professional civil liability inherent to any activity, but also those of financial guarantees specific to travel agencies. For Africorne Travel, the organization providing this guarantee is the APST (Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme).

You may not necessarily think about it, but it is better to check that your agency or operator has taken the necessary steps to provide you with the guarantee in question, if applicable. The list of companies registered with ATOUT France can be consulted on the internet at this link.

This has two important benefits for Africorne Travel travellers:

  • a pledge of seriousness, with the assurance that all contractual services set out in the programme of your trip will be carried out;
  • the guarantee for customers to be reimbursed of the deposits paid in case of default of Africorne Travel. As an example, it is thanks to the APST guarantee that despite the bankruptcy in September 2019 of Thomas Cook, the world's second largest tourism company, customers were able to be repatriated to their countries of origin.

In addition, Africorne Travel is present on the spot, in Djibouti: a trip to this region is not improvised, and requires a minimum of knowledge in terms of administrative formalities, health rules, habits and customs of the country. The presence on site for several years of the manager of Africorne Travel, protects you from possible unpleasant surprises (see the page "practical informations" of the site).

2. Africorne travel guarantees you a tailor-made trip to Djibouti and Ethiopia.

You travel only with members of your group of friends.

You choose the duration of your trip, the city-stages, the places and sites visited, the activities and the range of accommodation. Africorne Travel dialogue with you in the preparatory phase of your journey, to validate the feasibility of your wishes or to inform you of any difficulties.

To guide you in your choices, consult some travel examples always adaptable, proposed by Africorne Travel.

Africorne Travel strives to provide a well-balanced, stress-free stay where you have time to enjoy the places you stay, while avoiding “downtime”.


Our guide to the cellars with engravings to Dire Dawa in Ethiopia


Children's games during the picnic at Abourma in Djibouti

Africorne Travel is a human-sized company. Therefore you will organize your trip directly with its manager. At the end of this dialogue, the detailed program of your stay, involving Africorne Travel, is provided to you.

3. Africorne Travel: a Travel Agency for trips adapted to all budgets

The travel budget is of course the consequence of the choices made by the traveller, particularly with regard to the range of accommodation and the desired activities. But the following characteristics explain the attractive prices charged by Africorne Travel.

Thus it is important to emphasize that Africorne Travel is a small business. Therefore, its fixed costs are reduced and controlled compared to those of larger structures, allowing it to offer lower prices for equal services.

Thanks to the presence in Djibouti of its manager for the last fifteen years, Africorne Travel has been able to benefit from preferential rates with some of its service providers, which travelers enjoy for their trips to Ethiopia or Djibouti.



With Dabaleh and his team from the Bolli camp in Djibouti


1st meeting with Nasir, guide in Ethiopia

In addition, for groups up to 6 people (3couples) whose stay in Djibouti or part of it takes place in Djibouti, Africorne Travel can offer comfortable accommodation in its premises in Djibouti, much cheaper than in a hotel.

Last but not least, the goal of Africorne Travel is not to grow or to make huge profits, but to allow its manager to satisfy his passion for travel in this part of Africa, in the company of those who share the same tastes: to learn more about the purpose of Africorne Travel and the state of mind of its manager, visit the page « votre guide » of the website.

4. Authentic stays at Africorne Travel

It is important to note that Djibouti and Ethiopia are “authentic” destinations in themselves because these two countries, despite their unique attractions, sites and cultures, have not been “distorted” by mass tourism under other skies. Consult the page on this subject « accueil » and the blog posts on Africorne Travel's website.

The head of Africorne Travel, himself attracted by what is “different”, is constantly searching for astonishment, discovery and true relationships based on sharing and sharing moments of conviviality with those who live in these countries.


Short break during an excursion with Daoud camp leader in Djibouti

The head of Africorne Travel was able to establish personal relationships based on mutual trust and esteem in both Ethiopia and Djibouti. This is why some of Africorne Travel's service providers are friends before they are business partners.



With Ali from Djibouti, an outstanding guide, responsible for the Maison des Randonneurs and a specialist in sand yachting.

This type of relationship allows a natural understanding of the authenticity of the country.

With Africorne Travel you travel with an «amateur*» who works as a true professional, concerned above all with the well-being of those who share his appetite for adventure.



Impromptu picnic with Ali in Djibouti

We are waiting for you for the adventure in Ethiopia or Djibouti with Africorne Travel!

* Amateur definition: who loves for his own pleasure

10 responses

  1. Really well received and advised by email and phone with a tailor-made organization and a kindness to all!
    Unfortunately we did not have or travel to Djibouti this year with lz covid but Alain was great and I thank him again for his availability.
    Trip cancelled but fully refunded doesn't ruin anything!
    I really hope... we'll be with you very soon ! Inchallah
    Truly to be recommended with your eyes closed

  2. 15 days in Djibouti fabulous with Alain, discovery of unimaginable landscapes: Lake Abé, Lake Assal, the Goubet, lava lakes, fault of the African rift !!!!!, mangrove of Godoria without forgetting the Day and the site of Abourma.
    Discover the life of the nomads with lunch, dinner and night in a family whose welcome was very warm.
    Discovery of the different campsites, each with their own advantages: location, place, comfort and kitchen...(but you must be ready to face the sanitary facilities.....)
    Let's not forget Alain, our G.O.: good mood, friendly, available, always trying to please you. During our stay, he was with us from morning to evening, a skilled driver.
    Many thanks to Daoud, Mohamed, Hassan, Hamed, Hamadou who made us discover their country.
    Thanks to Ali for his sand yacht and his beers and to Fato for his cooking in Raissali.
    We would like to thank Africorne for the quality of its service and are ready to discover
    Ethiopia with Alain
    Roselyne and Laurent

    1. Thank you very much Roselyne and Laurent! Really happy that you enjoyed your stay in Djibouti. Coming from travel enthusiasts that you are both, the appreciations you have are all the more valuable to me.
      Thank you for trying "the adventure" in these difficult times when many give up.
      You have been active and enthusiastic travellers!
      It is with great pleasure that I will meet you again for a new adventure in Ethiopia!

  3. Good morning,

    I am looking for package deals however with Covid I worry for Quarantine time this means I lose on stay time during vacation.

    So I had one option: to go to Addis. The second would be Dubia however what I could find online is very expensive for Dubai and my wife is ethiopia so will need a visa too. Dates of travel would be leave Djibouti 16 December return 27 or 28 December.
    I also looked into Istanbul but Covid is high there and Tunis too.
    Kindly advise please

    Thanking you in advance

    Ridha Marzouk

  4. We have just spent 2 weeks in Djibouti with Africorn Travel, Alain and his team made us discover this magnificent country, full of contrasts, with a tailor-made program, very well organized, without being too rigid. I highly recommend this agency which perfectly answered our desires, between sea, mountain, desert, culture and meetings with the inhabitants and their sense of hospitality. Alain is a passionate person, he loves this country and knows his subject perfectly! Fred J

    1. Thank you Frédéric ! You are all 4 a tight and enthusiastic group. It was a pleasure to travel with you!
      I hope to see you soon for a new adventure in Ethiopia

  5. J’ai eu le plaisir d’être guidé, conseillé et accompagné par Alain lors d’un déplacement professionnel d’une petite semaine sur Djibouti.
    Je ne peux que conseiller ses services, et plutôt deux fois qu’une.
    Alain est d’une extrême gentillesse, très serviable, il a une grande connaissance du pays et de sa région. Il est un passionné passionnant qui saura vous faire découvrir le pays en profondeur, en sécurité mais hors des sentiers battus.
    Merci Alain, j’espère revenir sous peu et prendre encore plus le temps de la découverte aventureuse à tes côtés.
    La bise

    1. Merci Romuald, ce fût un plaisir de te guider dans la ville de Djibouti durant ces quelques jours.
      A bientôt j’espère dans la Corne de l’Afrique !

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