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Visite du lac Abbé

2 Days Lac Abbé and Lac Assal Tour

The visit of Abbé Lake and Assal Lake is organized on a circuit of 2 consecutive days. The first day is dedicated to the journey to Abbé Lake with an arrival in the late afternoon to witness the sunset. On the morning of the second day, we leave for Assal Lake after sunrise at Abbé Lake.


The Republic of Djibouti is a particularly interesting travel destination for nature lovers given the diversity of its fauna and flora, especially in the underwater area (see the article of the blog on animals of Djibouti).
But what is less known is that its geography and preserved spaces make it a region where endemic species live. As a result, the Republic of Djibouti constitutes a privileged field of study for zoologists and ethologists of all countries.
The 6 terrestrial animal species to which we devote this article, live only in the region of the Horn of Africa and especially in Djibouti.


To travel to Djibouti, you’ll have every means of transport at your disposal, whether you’re travelling by land, sea or soon by air!


11 must-see places on a trip to Ethiopia

A trip to Ethiopia, a country twice the size of France, is a unique adventure that can take on many facets, as the country abounds in diverse landscapes! Here are, among many others, 11 sites or places to see, depending on the regions you will be staying in.

Travel agency in Djibouti: 4 good reasons to choose Africorne Travel

Africorne Travel is a travel agency in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and soon in Eritrea and Somaliland. Its headquarters are in France. It has a permanent facility in Djibouti and a strong partner in Ethiopia. Organizing a trip to Africa can be the realization of a dream: here are some ways not to be mistaken!