The injera: discovering the basic dish in Ethiopia

Based on Teff flour, gluten free, Injera is the basis of dishes in Ethiopia and Eritrea! Discover the recipe of this famous "pancake" from the highlands!
Ingera Ethiopia

What's the Injera?

The injera is a kind of large pancake cooked in Ethiopia and Eritrea; it serves as a kind of of bread, plate and fork.

It is made from teffa cereal that grows only on the high plateaus of these two countries, which explains why it cannot be found elsewhere.

Teff seed, gluten free, has positive effects on the health, and would, among other things, be at the root of the performance of the Ethiopian runners.

The lower surface of the injera in contact with the pan has a smooth texture, while the upper surface is honeycombed and porous in appearance.

Alveoli of ingera

What is eaten with Ingera in Ethiopia?

The injera wafer is accompanied by a variety of sauces that are superimposed on it.

Some sauces are vegetable-based: the Shiro (chickpeas), the Atkilt Wot (carrot, potato and cabbage mix), the Azifa (lentils), the Mesir Wot (mixture of lentils and a sauce of berber spicy), and the Fasolia (mixed green beans, carrots and caramelized onions).

Other sauces are prepared with meat: the Tibs (lamb, beef or mutton, the doro wat (chicken and egg) and the Kefto (raw ground meat).

You enjoy the dish by cutting with the right hand of small pieces of injera, with which one can "wraps" the sauces, vegetables and meats arranged on the pancake.

Injera recipe to make at home

Above all, you need to be able to get teff flour, or to be lucky enough to have gone on a trip to Ethiopia ... Some online organic grocery stores offer it, however, because its virtues are starting to be known in Europe!

1- preparation of the dough :

Teff flour brought back from Ethiopia
  • Prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and a sachet of baker's yeast and leave to stand for 5 minutes.
  • Mix 500 grams of teff flour with 600 ml of water with a teaspoon of salt, with the water/yeast mixture, to obtain a fairly compact mass, which you will cover with 2 cm of water (without mixing this extra water with the preparation).
  • Let stand for 1.5 days: if there is water floating above the mixture, remove it.
  • Boil 200 ml of water: add 200 ml of teff flour, mix well, and after a few minutes of rest, add little by little to the fermented preparation while stirring. The dough obtained should be quite fluid.
  • Let stand for 1 hour before cooking.

2- Cooking the pancake :

  • Heat the pan well.
  • Pour a thick layer of pancake batter in concentric circles from the outside to the centre of the pan; heat for a few seconds until a few dimples appear, then cover the pan until cooked through (about one minute).
  • Remove the pancake as soon as the edges peel away from the pan, gently lifting it up, and let it cool on a tea towel before placing it on the pile of ready-made pancakes.

The injera is now ready to receive sauces and meats ... Bon appétit!

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